Where it all began….

Our team of geniuses love a challenge, it’s the reason we come to work everyday. We are at our best when working in partnership with you, our customers, learning about your challenges then applying our expertise and creativity to design, develop and deliver a gas system that will blow your mind.  

As specialists in GFC (Gas Filter Correlation) technology we can provide accurate gas readings in the most humid of gas samples, which can be quite tricky.

The Analox Ltd Group, our parent company, saw an opportunity for GFC process systems but it didn’t quite fit the Analox ethos of saving lives, so a small, versatile team from Analox were formed to launch this new company and get Genius Gas Innovations off the ground. We have decades of experience with Analox behind us and also have the flexibility of a new up and coming business.

Meet the Team 

  • Becca Dodds - Business Development Manager
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Our team is headed up by our Chief Executive, Mark Lewis. Mark has had a varied career including Formula 1 powerboats and submarines…..READ MORE

Alan Wells is one of our Senior Engineers. Alan has so many letters after his name he could give Einstein a run for his money…..READ MORE

Our resident Dr, Mark Elkin is also a Senior Engineer. Mark is a hands on physicist who enjoys designing and building instrumentation…..READ MORE

David Booth our Technical Sales Manager started his career as a nuclear chemist and has decades of experience with gas analysers…..READ MORE

Our Business Development Manager, Becca Dodds drives the commercial side of the business and represents the voice of the customer…..READ MORE