Fixed Analysers

Venus Pro

The Venus Pro is a highly accurate process analyser customisable to your application. This flexible system can measure up to four gases using technology ranging from GFC (Gas Filter Correlation), Paramagnetic, Electrochemical and Zirconia.

The flexible design ensures we can tailor the analyser to meet your application requirements.


  • Digital LCD Display
  • 1-4 gas channels
  • 3U or 6U High
  • 4-20mA – 1 per channel
  • 19” Rack or Bench Mount     
  • 4 Relays per analyser
  • RS232 output
  • Optional Datalogging & MODBUS  


Industrial Gas Manufacturing, Medical Gas Analysis, Biogas, Modified Atmosphere Packaging, Emissions Monitoring, Heat Treatment, Process and Safety monitoring and Combustion